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    Renaissance Europe and Artistic Talent and Genius

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    In five pages this paper discusses the differences between Renaissance Europe's concept of artists and the contemporary view. One source is listed in the bibliography.

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    the contemporary view. The factor of Michelangelo was a government official, this was a respected career. It is said that he opposed the career chosen by his son due to  the social status that accompanies such as career. When we look back on this is may be seen as almost criminal that an artist with such skills and talent,  a man we would see as a genius, would have faced such opposition form his family. However, when we consider the way in which talent and genius were applied to  the renaissance artists we can argue that this was not the same as today. The role of talent and genius was more complex than today. In todays world we  may consider someone based on their work alone, but before an artist may become established in renaissance Europe there was the need for a formal training. Many texts were written  on this training, and in looking at these it is apparent that artists were seen as craftsmen that had to undertake an apprenticeship in order to learn their craft.  In a text by Cennini we see that this will encompass a great deal of time spent in the workshop of a painter.  Here they would learn how to copy painting by the artist. This would aid in the development of their skill, with hand control and hand eye co-ordination developing, in much  the way other craftsmen developed skills with constant practice. This may give the impression that the artist was being trained as a younger duplicate of his master, but this was  not the case, as in this text there is an assertion by Cennini that the young artists should be encouraged to develop their own style. 

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