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    Research Design and Identity Theft

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    This is a 5 page paper that provides an overview of identity theft. A research proposal is presented regarding the topic. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    with leverage to promote an image of being tough on crime in a manner that virtually anyone can relate to. However, the true face of crime is much more varied  and insidious than such an image supposes. In order to ascertain the true scope of crime in the United States, one must also be willing to consider the less often  discussed topic of white collar crime. This paragraph helps the student introduce the topic of the paper. One of the most concerning trends among white collar crime is undoubtedly that  of identity theft. Identity theft is a type of crime which has existed for centuries but which has only really come into the public eye in recent years as the  rise of information technology and the frequent exchange of sensitive private data over that technology has made it much easier for white collar criminals to commit identity theft, and potentially  much more profitable as well. Estimations suggestion that some 11 million people in the United States are impacted by identity theft each and every year (Kircheimer, 2011). This represents a  growing trend which should, by all rights, being a major priority among lawmakers seeking to protect the public. To be sure, the costs associated with identity theft are quite high  indeed. Recent research into the matter suggests that corporate and consumer-related losses associated with identity theft amounted to some 56 billion dollars in 2005 (Romanosky, Teland, & Acquisti, 2011). Moreover,  the majority of these thefts, a full 35%, stemmed directly from data breaches of organizations which had individuals personal information on file (Romanosky, Teland, & Acquisti, 2011). A few recent  laws have taken steps in the right direction, such as requiring organizations to report discovered data breaches to customers, so that customers have time to change their financial data and 

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