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    Research Methods; Why Does the United States Have Fewer Students Taking Advanced Examinations Compared England and Wales, France and Germany

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    This 10 page paper is the third chapter for a project looking at the different performance of students in the US compared to others countries in terms of the level of advanced examination that are taken. This paper is the research methodology paper, recapping on the purpose of the study and this aims and then outlining the research models, approached and methodology that will be utilised as well as the required resources and the brief findings of the pilot study. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    REFERENCES 13 1. Introduction In the United States only 7% of students are going on to take advanced examinations  of some type. This is a much lower level than comparator countries at the same level of development. As seen in previous chapters, the level of students going on to  take advanced exams in other countries such as the England and Wales, Germany France and Japan are all much higher, with about a third of students going on to take  these types of exams (Anonymous). The level of academic achievement may be driven by factors earlier in a students academic career, for  example in Texas the NAEP claim that only 24% of eighth grade students meet their targets, however, obtaining accurate results may be more problematic as it appears this is a  political issue when President Bush claims that the attainment figure for the same state at the same level is 91% (Anonymous). This indicates the attainment and performance in academic measures  is also falling behind other countries. Regardless of the political issues on how figures are calculated there does appear to be a  trend that indicates US students are not performing as well as school and not going on to take the advanced exams. The purpose of the research is to identify the  reason or reasons behind the lack of performance on the part of the US students. An initial literature review reveals that there  are many differences between the different education and systems, some are centralised and some are decentralised, some systems have harder and more rigorous testing, even the systems of what is 

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