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    Research Proposal - Class Size And Achievement

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    A 9 page paper that presents a research proposal, including hypothetical results. Topics include: introduction, problem statement, hypothesis, definition of terms, literature review, design of study, including participants, procedures, analysis, findings and conclusions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    on your list. Even so, we went over the length - you have not been charged for it.] Introduction This study proposes to determine if students in small classroom  have higher achievement than students in large classes. Small is defined as an 18:1 ratio, or no more than 18 students in the class. The study proposes to use standardized  test scores to determine level of achievement in reading and math. Scores in June to determine the effects of small class size on academic achievement. Randomly selected students in grades  1-3 will participate in the study. There has been a controversy regarding the research on small class size with some studies reporting remarkable effects and others claiming no effect. A  report from Colorado State University identified at least some of the reasons for the controversy: * Too many studies use very small samples that are not drawn randomly from  the population, thereby, creating a significant possibility of sampling error (Colorado State University, 2002). * Well-designed studies with appropriate controls, etc. offer far more valid results than do studies that  are not experimental, that are evaluations or that are short in duration do not produce valid empirical data (Colorado State University, 2002). Problem There is a long history of  research and opinions regarding the effects of smaller class size on student achievement. Although the research has been controversial, the general prevailing opinion is that students in small classes have  higher academic achievement than those in large classrooms. The problem is phrased as a question: Do small classes result in higher student achievement? The purpose of the study  is to determine if students in small classrooms actually do perform better academically than students in large classrooms in this county[name a local county]. The assumption is that smaller class 

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