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    Research Proposal: Cloud Computing and Organizational Efficiency

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    This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of cloud computing and organizational efficiency. A quantitative study is proposed to establish a correlation between the two. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    as information technology itself becomes increasingly commoditizes and loses its fundamental competitive value, organizations can still develop a working competitive advantage and possibly sustain it through the internal improvements associated  with a reduction of efficiency that is tied with the adoption of decentralized cloud computing standards. With literature suggesting the use of cloud computing as a fundamental key to advantage  through information technology, it would be beneficial to develop a research study to quantify and measure the real benefits to efficiency that might be expected as the result of adopting  cloud computing. This paragraph helps the student provide a brief overview of the relationship between cloud computing and efficiency. To be sure, there is an established link between cloud  computing and organizational efficiency, as suggested by the majority of contemporary research into the organizational impacts of cloud computing. An emergent consensus seems to be that there are three aspects  of cloud computing which are most useful for improving the efficiency of organizations. The first of these aspects is the fact that applications become "available on demand", such that organizations  can substantially save on the costs associated with numerous software licenses, installations, and ensuring the integrity of installations across multiple end user terminals (Bowers, 2001; Truong, 2010). The second aspect  showing increased efficiency are the cost savings generated by the software side of the externalization process: namely, the organization is no longer responsible for the costs associated with software development,  nor for the licensing of software (Bowers, 2011; Pallas, 2010). Lastly, an organization stands to increase its efficiency as the result of cost savings generated by the externalization of hardware  and infrastructure as well, much of which is offset to providers in a cloud distribution model (Bowers, 2011; Truong, 2010). Researching this problem requires the selection of an appropriate 

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