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    Research Proposal: Combating Terrorism Act of 2001 and Its Effect on the Major Political Parties

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    This 3 page paper examines this bill that was passed into law in 2001. How this bill that had bipartisan support affected party lines. Did it serve to divide parties? Did it bring the Republicans and Democrats together? This is a research proposal divided into three portions. The first provides a general introduction to the topic and the second section explains sources to be used within the paper. The final section is an outline of the proposed paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    writing on this subject might want to focus on the Combating Terrorism Act of 2001 which was passed into law in September of 2001. Although the bill passed, not all  the committee members were in favor of the bill. In fact, the bill proved to be very controversial. During the debate, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy , who is the head  of the Judiciary committee, claimed that the bill "went far beyond merely thwarting terrorism and could endanger Americans privacy." He said specifically: "Maybe the Senate wants to just go ahead  and adopt new abilities to wiretap our citizens. Maybe they want to adopt new abilities to go into peoples computers. Maybe that will make us feel safer. Maybe. And maybe  what the terrorists have done made us a little bit less safe. Maybe they have increased Big Brother in this country." Indeed, at the time, there was widespread criticism about  the reduction in the rights of privacy for U.S. citizens. A good research question on this issue would be to examine how it has affected the major political parties.  A student would want to delve into this particular law and the debates about it. Has the bill served to unite or divide the Congress? In the context of the  argument, it also pays to explore party affiliation and whether the divide does go along party lines. If so, why would Republications want to limit freedom? What is interesting  about this bill is that it is proposed by both a Republican and Democrat jointly. Does this mean that both parties are generally in agreement? Criticism on this law has  come from both Republican and Democratic camps. II. Research Design In researching this topic, it would seem prudent to evaluate the vote for this particular bill. How many 

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