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    Research Proposal - Creating Financial Sustainability within the Zambian Healthcare System

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    This 20 page paper is a researcher person to investigate ways in which the universal healthcare system Zambia may be examined and supported in order to become financially sustainable. The proposal examines the problem, identifies research aims prevent a justification considering the methodology and the expected outcome. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    1. Introduction Zambia is located in South Africa, east of Angola; this land locked country also has boarders with Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and  the Congo (CIA, 2010). This country, which is slightly larger that the state of Texas, has a population of 12,056,9231 and a population growth rate of 1.67% (CIA, 2010).  The country gained its independence in 1964, when the name was changed from Northern Rhodesia, since that time the government has had a number of challenges, one of which has  been the way that healthcare is provided. The aim of the government following independence was the creation and maintenance of a universal healthcare system. This was an idealised view,  but it may be argued that the country was also being influenced by other developed nations, such as Great Britain, the former colonial power, which also used a universal healthcare  system. This approach of government takes an almost paternal approach to healthcare, with the underlying ideas demonstrating the desire to create equity and fairness, so that all citizens could access  healthcare. However, Zambia has faced many of the problems that have been faced in other universal healthcare systems, the lack of resources and demands on the healthcare systems increases and  costs rising without equivalent increases in the revenues. The position of Zambia has been further exacerbated by the economic development; if developed countries with higher income have had problems  then it is unsurprising a relatively poor and developing economy is likely to face financing challenges. Since the inception of the universal healthcare system there have been changes made  to the system, with the introduction and then receding of costs and different approaches have been tried to gain a situation where there is a sustainable healthcare system, but this 

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