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    Research Proposal: Employees’ Perception of the Effects of Technology

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    A 5 page paper proposing research into workers’ acceptance of the growing role of technology in their jobs, using the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas as the ground from which the sample is taken for the qualitative study being proposed. An appendix contains the 20 questions tentatively proposed to comprise the questionnaire that will be used for data collection. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    The forerunner of Saudi Aramco, the worlds largest producer of carbon-based fuel, began operation in the early years of the 20th century as the rich oil fields of  Saudi Arabia began to be discovered (Saudi Aramco, n.d.). Certainly there was little in the way of technology as we think of it today available to assist engineers and  field workers in finding and extracting crude oil and natural gas. The landscape has changed dramatically in arriving at today, however. Oil  exploration and extraction relies more heavily on technology than on manpower in todays environment, and relatively fewer workers are necessary. This is a direct effect of technologys ability to  enhance productivity. The purpose here is to propose a study seeking to discover Saudi Aramcos workers perception of how technology has affected their jobs. Labors Relationship with Technology  Workers around the world have been affected by technological advances. Their employers have been affected as well, in matters ranging from increased need  to train existing employees to having difficulty filling positions with qualified candidates. This is a perennial point of polite conflict in Saudi Arabia, as many of the most rewarding  jobs in the country continue to be filled by citizens of other nations. Though technological advances have made many of Saudi Aramcos jobs safer and more efficient, they also  have had the effect of reducing the need for great numbers of workers. Those Saudi workers able to gain positions affected by technology  are fortunate, and the tendency appears to be that of jealously guarding those positions as the government of Saudi Arabia seeks to decrease the number of expatriates employed within the 

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