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    Research Proposal (How Health Care is Used in Politics Today)

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    This 4 page paper provides a proposal, inclusive of an outline, to do a project related to health care and how it is used as a political football. Source recommendations are included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    a small card, much like a credit card, to show the public what health care would look like in the future. Everyone would have a card and whether or not  the individual was employed, he or she would have access to the health care system. It was comforting to the many unemployed Americans at the time. Years after that promise,  and countless months discussing the new plan, the idea of universal health care was put on the back burner. In retrospect, it does seem that elections stir up good intentions  but frivolous discussions on change in terms of health care ensue. Yet, another presidential election is on the horizon so once again the topic arises. For the 2004 election, Kerry  and Dean had many discussions on this very topic. Both noted that Harry Truman tried to get a national health insurance policy implemented after the Second World War (Camden  A1). While both spoke about changing the health care system, Dean had in fact proposed something that would cover children up until the age of eighteen and he recommended  that Medicaid be made available to families earning less than $55,000 per year (A1). Kerrys plan is not quite that ambitious but both agree to an extent. In any event,  the point is that both talk the talk and whether or not they will if elected implement such things remains to be seen. The other side of this coin is  of course the discussion about the idea that such changes would render a system that contains fewer choices. Elective surgery for example would not be available to everyone. Still, such  a point of view needs to be considered in terms of its attraction to voters. Alternate recommendations such as the availability of catastrophic health insurance for self-employed individuals is an 

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