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    Research Proposal - How to Improve Student Performance

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    This 9 page paper is a proposal for a research project to assess the ways that a school may increase the level of student performance. The format is based in sections outlined by the student looking at the aims and the outcomes of the research and the tools that will be used. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    differing abilities and interests. A key area of interest to all stakeholders is the way that the performance of students can be improved. The role of educations is to develop  the student, not only transfer knowledge but develop thinking and analysis processes and prepare the students for life outside of school and the next stages of their educational career.  In many instances there may be a gap between what is expected and what is delivered, parents and students may have high expectations which are unrealistic, influences by factors such  as class sizes and difficulties spending time with students on a one to one basis, limited resources as well as the way that parents can naturally believe that their own  children should take priority. A key to satisfy the stakeholders is to look for ways that will improve the student performance. The need for improvement in students is not  only due to the main purpose of the school, it is also in the way that they are assessed. Schools are increasing measured with the use of performance statistics  meaning that there are a wide range of stakeholders in the process moving beyond the teachers, students and parents of the students. The governors of the school, the local education  authorities which provide funding, if the school receives any other support in terms of sponsorship or grants as well the school and collages that feed into the system, or take  students following competition of the schooling in that institution. When looking at the way that context will impact a study to assess permanence factors there are a number of potentials  influencers that may already be present. These will include resource issues, such as the resources that the school has, such as the number of computers per student, facilities such as 

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