• Research Proposal; Suicide in Chinese University Students.

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    This 11 page paper is a research proposal for a study into why there is a high suicide rate among university students in China. The paper outlines three hypothesis, undertakes a literature review, considers the ethical implications and develops a methodology. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    Research Proposal; Suicide in Chinese University Students. United Kingdom, May 2003. To Use This Report Correctly, Please  l 1. Introduction It is well known that in China the incidence of suicide is very high with no real understanding for the disparity that occurs between China and  other countries. The suicides occur across also classes and genders, however they are not evenly spread. The research that has taken place has been limited in terms of scope and  scale one area that has received little, if any attention, has been that of the suicide rate in students. There is observational evidence that suicide tends to be higher in  this group of people than the population as a whole, but empirical evidence to support this is weak. The phenomena itself is factual, and anyone with a personal experience of  this type of suicide will confirm the level of devastation and perceived waste it creates. Suicide at this stage in life is one which cuts short a potentially valuable career.  The knock on effect is not only felt by the immediate family, but in felt by students, possibly creating copycat suicides and also by the university as a whole. This  creates a loss in terms of the student who has committed suicide, but also in the negative impact is has on all those who were in the social circles or  the same university. With the acknowledgement of the phenomena the value that can be gained form a study is to look  at the reasons why the suicide rate is so high in Chinese university students. It is only with the understanding of the situation and the causes that solution maybe sought 

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