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    Research Proposal; The Impact of Health and Safety Audits on Accident Rates in the Hong Kong Construction Industry

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    This 15 page paper gives an in-depth research proposal to examine the hypothesis that accident rates will drop in the Hong Kong construction industry is health and safety audits are made compulsory. The paper looks at the background and shows why this research is important in terms of human and economic cost. The paper then considers methodology and gives an example questionnaire, discussing how it can be analyzed to assess the hypothesis. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    employee can work. In the Hong Kong this is the industry with the highest rate of industrial accidents. In 2003 there were 25 fatal accidents and 4,342 non fatal  accidents (LegCo Panel on Manpower, 2004). This is an improvement on former years, in 2000 there were 29 deaths and 11,896 non fatal accidents and in 1998 there were 56  deaths and 19,532 non fatal accidents (LegCo Panel on Manpower, 2004). These figures indicate an improvement, not only in numbers but also in occurrence rates. In 1998 there were 247.9  accidents per 1,000 workers, by 2000 this has reduced to 149.8 per 1,000 workers and in 2003 this is down to 68.1 accidents per 1,000 workers, since 1998 an improvement  of 72.5% (LegCo Panel on Manpower, 2004). This is an impressive improvement, but when the base line at 1998 is considered and the chances of an accident are almost 1  in 4 the starting point may be argued as extremely poor. Even with a rate of 68.1 accidents per 1,000 workers, this is still the most dangerous industry. For example,  catering industry, the second most dangerous industry for employees in Hong Kong, has an accident rate of 49.6 per 1,000 workers and for all industries the rate is only 17.7  accidents per 1,000 workers (LegCo Panel on Manpower, 2004). The improvement should not be overlooked, but there is still a high level of accidents. The accidents that take  place in the construction industry are also likely to be more serious that other industries. This has been recognised with the recent changes in legislation, such as the Construction Sites  (Safety) (Amendment) Regulation which increase the potential areas of liability, holding both contractors and sub contractors responsible for any safety offences that occur (LegCo Panel on Manpower, 2004). The legislation 

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