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    Research Proposal; The Risks in the Formation and Management of the Securities Portfolios of the Commercial Banks of Russia

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    This 5 page paper is a research outline for examining the risks in the formation and management of the securities portfolios of the commercial banks of Russia. The paper begins with considering of the available research methodologies and then designs a research proposal for the gathering and analysis of the required information. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    proposal will seek to reduce the risks and errors whilst ensuring accurate information. In undertaking an examination of the risks in the formation and management of the securities portfolio of  the commercial banks of Russia, the first aspect has to be a consideration of the types of research available. The first stage of any research will usually be an in-depth  literary review., This will guide the student to any work that has been carried out in the same or related fields. For example, research into Russian financial markets will decrease  the learning curve and increase the strength of the foundation. This may also indicate apparent tends. Whilst the research undertaken already may not be correct in todays situation, it will  also provide a good basis from which judgements may be made. Examples may include those of Gurevich (1992) which looks at monetary policy in Russia, and other research such as  Shapovalyanz and Okita (1998), as well as more mainstream sources such as the IMF information, as seen in Wertman (1997). Lessons may also be gathered from the methodology.  If similar studies have taken place into other areas the research methodology may also be studied in order to learn from the strings and  avoid any perceived weaknesses or errors. Dependent on the type and length of the project the literature review may take anything between two weeks and six months.  One aspect of research that appears apparent is that it is usual for a hypothesis to be proven when research is undertaken. This may be valid, but it is  also possible that this desirer to proven hypothesis give rise to a biased study. The traditional methodology will usually begin with a question and a hypothetical answer. In this research 

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