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    Research Proposal; Why Do Collage Students Have a Permissive Attitude Towards Piracy?

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    This 10 page paper is an outline research proposal, put together to look at why collage students appear to be very accepting of piracy in software, music and video/DVD formats. The paper has a research question, justification of the question, a literature review and a methodology. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

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    has revolutionised the way that information, including entertainment, has been accessed. This has facilitated a large increase in piracy of different sorts. Pirate videos where once the domain of  under the counter transactions, poor quality and a questionable reputation. However the advent of new technology has revitalised the industry, created the ability for piracy to be seen not as  the covert and questionable practice as it was once seen, but almost heroic in the face of large corporation that have a great deal of power and are seen to  exploit this with high process. The ability to copy DVDs as well as music files does not have the same stigma. There are many aspects to this, but one  of the more interesting is to discover why and how attitudes have become such that this type of theft is acceptable. The rate of piracy is likely to increase pressure  on companies to take action, bit to stop the piracy with increased security as well as the need to increase process to both pay for the security and also to  pay for the sales that are being lost as a result of the piracy. In understanding why collage student are seeing piracy as acceptable this will give a greater insight  to how the problem may be solved in the future and the best approach to take that may be more effective that the current conflicting culture between piracy users and  the industry. This will extend the knowledge that is already in place that has looked mainly to the way in which piracy takes place and its growth. Attitudes that have  allowed it to occur have been mainly ignored and the technology has been the focus of the studies. This will seek top redress the balance. This can then benefit the 

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