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    This 6 page paper is a research proposal. The paper outlines how research can be conducted to the way FICO scores can be manipulated and managed, along with the impact that the score will have on the cost of loans to borrowers. The paper suggests primary research with the aim of assessing the impact of a credit improvement program. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    Researching Credit Reports United Kingdom, February 2004. To Use This Report Correctly, 1. The  Research Purpose The way that society values an individual will be dependant upon many factors. The net worth of the individual, their credit rating the salary or wage and  their future prospects are features that may be assessed. However, it is the way in which the credit rating is put together that may be seen as the most influential  in the short term. A better credit rating will allow resources to be maximised with the access to borrowing capital at reasonable rates. The weaker the credit rating the higher  the potential interest rate, and as such the greater the level of potential expenditure in this area, and as such, reduce the overall facility of an individual. The question this  report will ask is how the credit rating may be manipulated, and how this can take place, in an attempt to asses show reliable and accurate credit ratings really are.  The research, by necessity is limited due to time and budget constraints. The paper will make use of primary and secondary information in order to set up an experiment  which will attempt to increase the credit rating of the student. The experiment may not have time to be tested in practice, due to the lag time information, but the  theoretical implications of the outlined strategy can be assessed against the position if measures were not taken. This may also help the student to understand the cost of good and  bad credit ratings in financial figures as well as theoretical terms. At the end of the project the student should be able to assess their current credit score, the 

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