• Researching and Writing the Case Study

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    This 4 page paper examines issues related to the creation of a case study. This paper is a how to guide on how to come up with appropriate case studies in business and the social sciences. Examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    Sample Text:
    controversy. Yin (2003) points out that definitions note that the topic of decisions are a focal point, but also claim that "citing the topic is surely insufficient to establish the  needed definition of case studies" (p.12). Although for some, the development of a case study can be construed as a formal research method, unfortunately many social science texts do not  see this as the case (Yin, 2003). Also, research designs for case studies "have not been codified" (Yin, 2003, p.20). Thus, there are a variety of ways in which to  create a case study. Still, the "case study method of qualitative research my be defined in terms of the intensity of focus on a particular case or set of cases..."  (Houser, 1998, p.42). Carter McNamara (1999) provides one method of creating a case study. The first step is to gather data and this may be done through a variety of  methods. It may mean interviewing several individuals and choosing the best case or creating a composite based on several interviews. The data must be organized and McNamara (1999) suggests,  at least in one example, that the information be ordered chronologically. One may suppose that if one is creating a business case study that background on the particular business be  taken prior to relaying the facts of the scenario on which the case is based. The next step is to develop a narrative of the case at hand (McNamara, 1999).  A narrative, as noted here, is simply a story that is readable (McNamara, 1999). A case study in narrative form is usually something with which the reader can identify. For  example, one may write about a CEO who took a company from rags to riches by explaining not in broad terms, but in human terms, what the CEO did. For 

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