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    Researching the Realm of Honesty in a Charitable Society

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    A 5 page paper that presents a research proposal designed to determine the degree of ethical responsibility and honesty of charitable donations displayed by different socioeconomic groups in an unobserved environment. Included are detailed instructions in the construction of the hidden camera methodology proposed by this research, reviews of previous research findings, and projected outcome of the study. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    feeble, and the downtrodden. The level of responsibility that has been taken has varied throughout time and has depended largely on prevailing social and economical conditions. During mans  era of migration and cave dwellings, individuals who could not provide for at least themselves were often banished from the clan or left behind at the mercy of the elements.  Charitable cause was the perfect fit for the predominant ideals of the Victorian Age, however, and became a means of acquiring social status and elevated celebrity (Shapely, 1998). Mans  surroundings and ideals have changed through the centuries, but the question of moral responsibility for the less fortunate has remained the same. Todays society dictates that man who has  should give to man who has not, and a charitable nature is viewed as a desirable trait. Given the fact that charity is dictated and driven by society, it  poses the question of how much of this charitable emotion truly stems from mans compassion and how much is a result of societys watchful eye. Which socioeconomic group, gender  group, or age group would give most freely and least freely if not monitored by societys standards? This research proposal is directed at answering those questions. II. Methodology  - Setting the Scene This proposal involves the study of the ethical response of the charitable reaction among varying socioeconomic groups when faced with the option of donating or not  donating in an unobserved environment. The donation option is to be offered in exchange for taking a piece of candy from an unobserved setting removed from the main view  of society. A video camera will be hidden nearby to document the responses. In constructing this research setting, there are factors that should be taken into consideration. First, 

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