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    Reviewing The Book of the Torah: The Narrative Integrity of the Pentateuch by Thomas Mann

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    In five pages Mann's insights into God's relationship with man as revealed in the Torah are detailed along with a description of the author's intent. There are no other sources cited in the bibliography.

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    Many authors have devoted their attentions to analyzing the book the Jewish people refer to as the Torah. Thomas Manns "The Book of the Torah:  The Narrative Integrity of the Pentateuch", however, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Mann offers, in fact, extraordinary insight into both the origin of the Torah and Gods  relationship with man as it is revealed in the Torah. The primary intent of Manns work is to present an argument for the narrative integrity of the "Torah".  Although Mann acknowledges that there were are obviously different sources and redactors for the Torah, he presents a detailed argument which insists  on its overall integrity. To do so he refers extensively to the work of Alter, Auerbach, Cline, Fokkelman, Kermode, Sanders, and Wicker as well as other noted scholars in  the field. Mann targets his book at theologians all over the world. It serves well in the advanced college or seminary setting but it also makes extremely interesting  reading, however, for the general public as well. Although Manns intended audience is those who are already well acquainted with the Torah, his  book provides an excellent introduction for those that are only somewhat familiar with the document. The term "Torah", of course, is the term used by Jews to denote  the first five books of the Bible. Also referred to as the Pentateuch, it is the law of Moses. Under Jewish belief the Torah was handed down to  Moses at Mt. Sinai. From him it would be passed to the Jews, delineating both the manner in which they were to conduct themselves physically and the basic laws 

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