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    Risk Factors for Inner City Adult Patients With Asthma

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    This 12 page paper examines the risk factors for asthma as it respects adults in the inner city. A research proposal is included. Various factors are discussed inclusive of but not limited to psychiatric conditions, obesity, pollution and race. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    rise and there have been headlines concerning it being a particular problem in the inner city. A great deal of attention focuses on the children, but adults are vulnerable as  well. It seems that one group that is most at risk is the young adult male population. Due to socioeconomic factors that are associated with city life, young urban males  may be most susceptible to asthmas wrath. Many jump to the conclusion that this is likely due to the significant amount of pollution in American cities. While this could very  well be the case, other research has looked at factors such as obesity, illiteracy, socioeconomic conditions and a lack of health insurance. There are many factors that seem to contribute  to the rise of the condition in the inner city. Many people do connect external factors with increased asthma episodes. They are told that second hand smoke may cause asthma  attacks and perfume may do the same thing. There are many smoky venues in cities despite the cigarette ban in New York and other places. In most large cities, there  are more people and more smells that could trigger an asthma attack. Yet, it seems that stress can trigger asthma as well and a very important factor is a lack  of medical attention. All of these things culminate in a situation where people are more vulnerable to asthmas effects. A research question provided by a student is: "What are the  risk factors that cause inner city adult patients with asthma to have recurrent attacks requiring hospitalization?" The question must be studied by examining asthma in general. Most patients will find  themselves in the hospital when they experience status asthmaticus or they have a bad episode and their physicians office is closed. Others will seek hospital care simply because they do 

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