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    Risk Proposal for New IT System

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    This 11 page paper proposes approaches to deal with several areas of risk for the installation and maintenance of a new IT system in a healthcare organization. Issues such as risk awareness training, network security, business continuity and disaster recovery are all included. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    the system wile ed to be used, maintained and supported in a way that will minimise exposure to risk, by ensuring staff known how to use the as well as  ensuring that there are system in place to ensure continuity in the case of an interruption as well as disaster recovery, and proactive measures to protect the system. This document  will outline some of the measures that will be incorporated. 2. Risk Awareness Training There are many risks associated with any IT or network, a major risk will always  be with the users, presenting risks such as the introduction new dynamics in the way that system is accessed and used. Risks will include the interdiction of risk being placed  on top the network, such as form data brought from a third source of the way connection maybe made with external parties, such as through the internet, as well as  the risks in terms of the data security and integrity of the data that is on the system, to make sure it remains secure and confidential, a major issue for  a healthcare organization, only accessed by those who need it, as well as ensuring that then data remains intact ad unaltered once it is entered, unless it requires some alteration  for legitimate purposes. General training of the system use will incorporate the requirements in terms of the security. While the system will be designed with built in protection, such  as the need for individual users to log in, and were the system remains idea for a predetermined period of time there will be logging out. Risk awareness  will be part of the training so that there is an awareness of the users on the risk that different actions may precipitate, basic measures such as the risk associated 

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