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    An 11 page paper. The proposal is to construct a road in a remote area in Latin America. This essay discusses environmental issues related to the project, including an initial simple assessment of ecological, economic and social impacts. The paper discusses both the negative and positive environmental, social and economic consequence of the project. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    the routes. Construction along that stretch could result in the extinction of this lizard. * Ecology: These lanes of land are throughways for tortoises. Motor vehicles zooming along this road  will definitely result in the deaths of many, many tortoises. * Ecology: The roads are intended to improve the infrastructure, which would, in turn, increase trade. However, these same roads  will almost certainly result in criminals becoming involved in illegal logging, thus, ruining the adjacent national forest. Experts estimate that within 10 years, 200 km will experience significant disturbance to  the existing pristine forest. * Surface Water: Granite quarrying, stone crushing and sifting, and the years of construction from the beginning to the end of this project will lead to  localized silting up of water courses. It is expected that the silt accumulation would be flushed away during the first rainy season following the end of construction. This is not  a guarantee, however. Meanwhile, the water is not potable and could itself cause bacteria and other elements to grow. * Air: From the minute the granite quarrying begins through weeks  after the end of construction, air quality in the area will be diminished. There will be excesses of different types of dust that will affect all those who breathe it.  This could have an adverse health impact on citizens who already have respiratory problems and could cause new problems in all people. The anticipated range is 1 km from the  plant and construction sites but it must be remembered that winds will carry that dust much further in all directions. * Neighboring Communities/Social and Economic impacts: It is  estimated that 20 households will need to relocate as their homes are in the path of the roadways. There is very little land available in the immediate neighborhood, therefore, these 

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