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    Roles of the G.H.W. Bush and Clinton Administrations in the Somalia Operation Restore Hope

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    In ten pages this paper discusses the Operation Restore Hope humanitarian effort by the United States begun in 1992 in a consideration of motives and objectives. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Past U.S. President Bill Clinton has left behind a legacy which will linger for many years to  come. Clinton, despite his apparent ongoing popularity, was one of the most undeserving men in our Presidential office ever to have "served" his nation. He was also  a man of quite interesting contrast. One example of such contrast can be found in the manner in which he handled Operation Restore Hope, the U.N. humanitarian mission in  Somalia initiated by Clintons predecessor to the Presidential Office, President George Bush. Operation Restore Hope was initiated in 1992 while George Bush was  at the head of the U.S. presidency. In August of that year Bush sent a massive influx of humanitarian supplies into Somalia, a country where civil war and famine  had killed over 300,000 people and warlords had raped and plundered essentially uncontrolled (Neary and Khalid, 1993). This effort was launched in the face of quite severe criticism in  the U.S. Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania, in particular, was opposed to the mission on the grounds that he saw no "overriding American national interests" in Somalia and  saw Bushs efforts as a needless waste of military funds which would result in a weakening of our ability to train and maintain our personnel. Bush, however, insisted that  our intervention was necessitated if we were to prevent thousands of people from starving to death and being killed in the militant fray.  Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Bushs efforts to address the basic needs of the Somalia people failed miserably as Somali factions succeeded in diverting the U.S. goods from the 

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