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    This 20 page proposal offers an example educational proposal on the issue of school uniforms and dress codes as they relate to two regional elementary schools. This sample study includes an introduction, literature reivew, metholodgy, partial resutls/analysis and conclusions drawn. Current and available case studies utilized and exampled. Bibliography lists 40 sources.

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    teachers, and parents of Annie Belle Clark and Matt Wilson School will be studied. This will be a research proposal in five chapters, three of which are offered here as  an example. CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION One of the greatest events to occur at the turn of the century was the revelation that children were also entitled to certain unalienable rights.  However, in the ensuing years, these rights have been interpreted and misinterpreted by various school boards across the country. Many dress codes have been written without serious consideration or input  from the students or the teachers(the very people who will be most impacted). This study proposes to gather information which will point to the overall attitude of those most impacted  by the dress codes and will make suggestions and conclusions based on the information and data gathered. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM In general the problem that many have with  the dress code is that it impinges on the right to freedom of expression and/or religious practices as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Most dress codes are  not specific enough and do not address or provide for exceptions to the codes. In addition, this study contends that the very wording of the dress code policy is vague  and rudimentary at best. Such terms as "inflammatory" and "obscene" are subjective terms. The statue of Venus Demilo, for example, may be considered both pornographic and inflammatory to women depending  on whom is in charge of the evaluation. But, case in point, the famous Venus statue, is considered one of the worlds great treasures. The issue came to a boiling  point and became quite controversial when parents and students began to question the criteria being used to evaluate what was considered inflammatory or obscene. Also, there seemed to be an 

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