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    This 3-page paper discusses best practices, methodologies and quality procedures for successful software development. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    methodologies. The article referenced for this particular paper is Perks "Best Practices for Software Development Projects," written in 2003. Perks begins with  something that not many people know - namely that most software development projects end up failing - with The Standish Group reporting that more than 80 percent of projects fail  because theyre over budget, late, missing a function or two or three, or a combination thereof. The report goes on to say  that 30 percent of software projects end up being so poorly executed that they dont even make it to completion. So what  is the best way to ensure that software development ends up making it to completion? Choosing the appropriate methodologies is a very good start, as is keeping an eye on  quality. Perks, for example, recommends a spiral-based methodology, used over a waterfall process and lists choices including the Rational Unified Process, IBMs  Global Services Method and even eXtreme Programming (XP). But its not all process he points out - sometimes how well a process is executed is more important than what the  process itself is. Perks also points out that agreeing on requirements is the best way to creating a quality and successful project  - especially when it comes to architecture, design and coding, with the development team understanding what needs to be built. Then there is the concept of quality.  Quality requirements come in two methods - functional quality and non-functional quality. Perks notes that the way to document functional requirements is through Use Case 

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