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    This 15-page paper is an analysis for Australian retailer Coles Myer. This takes into account some of the history of the store, as well as analysis through theories such as SWOT and PEST. Also examined are environmental challenges, competition, suppliers and other factors that would impact this company's ability to grow. Recommendations are offered at the conclusion of the essay. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    Paper Store, Inc. by 11/2002 Please Introduction/Summary Coles  Myer, a well-known name in Australia, has been in existence in various forms for decades. At one time, as the only game in town, this company could command a great  deal of marketing share, both for its consumer goods and food retailing. During the past 20 years, however, the company has struggled against external forces (such as aggressive competition, globalization  and technology) and its own internal problems (such as fragmentation and brand confusion). This paper will attempt to examine Coles Myers history and its current place in the market, as  well as analyze the environment in which it operates. At the conclusion of this paper, some recommendations will be offered to assist the company toward success during the 21st century.  Coles Myer, considered the "giant of Australian retailing," was created in 1985 through the merger of G.J. Coles Ltd. and the Myer  Emporium Ltd. (Treadgold, 1996). G.J. Coles brought to the table its Coles supermarkets, as well as discount department stores and specialty non-food stores (Treadgold, 1996). Myer, in the meantime, had  as its core business department stores as well as discount stores and specialty clothing stores and boutiques (Treadgold, 1996). G.J. Coles &  Co. was incorporated in 1921 as an operator of variety stores, and did so until the end of the 1950s, when it moved into supermarket retailing as well (Chaudhri, 2000).  In 1969, Coles introduced the discount store concept through establishing the Kmart chain (Chaudhri, 2000). The supermarket division these days of Coles 

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