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    This 6-page paper provides a SWOT analysis for Dell Computers. The paper also discusses part of Dell's history and the success of its direct-to-market model.

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    handful of years ago is no longer pitching these affordable PCs, the message remains that Dell Computers have brand awareness and brand loyalty. Founded in a college dorm room, Dell  has become a formidable business in the technology area, still running high on selling its PCs and in terms of gaining huge market share both domestically and internationally.  In this paper, well offer a SWOT analysis of Dell, and some recommendations of strategy that the computer company can adapt as the global  competition continues to increase. The recommendations are suggestions on presentation - - the student, of course, can use his/her own ideas for recommendations when it comes to this particular section.  But first, lets take a look at the Dell background. Dell was "officially" launched in 1983, when computer whiz Michael Dell began  selling computer components (such as RAM chips and disk drives for IBM PCs) out of his dorm room at the University of Texas at Austin. He was able to sell  these parts at about 10 to 15 percent below retail price, and by April 1984, sales were so strong, Dell dropped out of college to form PCs Limited to sell  both computer components and actual PC computers. He did so by buying retailers surplus stocks at cost, powered them up with graphics cards memory and other things, then sold them  directly to the end users. Because he was able to eliminate the retail mark-up by going through distributors, Dell ended up selling IBM clones at about 40 percent below the  cost of an IBM PC. By the end of fiscal 1986, sales of the product were at $33 million. Despite the growing pains of the company (and despite its brief 

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