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    This 15-page paper focuses on case studies concerning KFC, Harley Davidson and Wind Technology. Each case study features a SWOT analysis (strength-weakness-opportunity-threat) as well as a brief description and history, where applicable. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    technology focuses on wind power and technology. Each of these will be analyzed in the beginning, then SWOT analysis performed (strength, weakness, opportunity and strength). SWOT works more toward  strategic management in this day and age, and is considered by many business experts to be more important than even marketing programs and plans. KFC  "If you want Kentucky Fried Chicken, youll have to visit me." So went the old jingle of one of Americas first-ever fried-chicken franchise systems, Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Founded in 1952 by Harlan Sanders ("The Colonel"), KFC, as it is known today, is the number one U.S. fast-food chicken chain (Hoovers Business, 2002). KFC also owns or franchises  more than 11,000 outlets, with half of those outlets being in the United States (Hoovers Business, 2002). The company has 46 percent of the U.S. market, to which the chain  sells fried chicken (original or extra crispy), chicken sandwiches, chicken pot pie, crispy strips and sides including baked beans, potato wedges or cole slaw (Hoovers Business, 2002).  KFC is a division of Yum! Brands (formerly known as TRICON Global Restaurants, which spun off from PepsiCo during the late 1990s) (Hoovers Business,  2002). The Yum! Brands company is the worlds number 2 company after McDonalds (Hoovers Business, 2002). Strengths. Because KFC is owned  by Yum! Brands, a great deal of cross-marketing and "brand-grouping" (better known as co-branding) takes place between KFC and fellow Yum! fast-food emporiums Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Hoovers Business,  2002). This idea attracts more people to KFCs, more than would normally go to a fried chicken place alone. In addition, 

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