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    This 4-page paper is a SWOT analysis about the company Trapeze Networks.

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    area network (WLAN) infrastructure, focusing on wireless secure mobility, planning and management (and implementation) and smooth integration with an already existing wireless networks. The company was founded in March 2002  and has successfully raised funds with two offerings. Strengths. Trapeze seems to be offering a product (and a series of products  and services) that are on the cutting edge of the hot new trend of wireless mobility. For one thing, the companys wireless LAN system helps improve already existing applications, while  allowing an enterprise further growth to an increasingly mobile workforce. In addition, the staff has good familiarity with pretty much any wireless device, including PDAs, portable PCs, laptops and other  devices - plus there is the advantage of security protection as well (which is hot in todays market). Furthermore, Trapeze has veteran  leadership. Many of the leaders came to Trapeze from companies such as Extreme Networks, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and Juniper Networks. Many of these leaders (at least according to Trapezes  website), helped launch companies that are now an important "backbone of the networking industry." Weakness. Despite Trapezes impressive management, its still  the new kid on the block. It wasnt there during the pioneering phases with new technologies to launch a revolution. Rather, this is a company that must take whats already  out there and make it even better. This can take time and commitment, which could end up yielding little or nothing at the end.  Second, though its the new kid, its also offering products and services that some companies may not be ready to integrate as yet. Though Wi-Fi and its applications 

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