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    SWOT Analyses (Communications in Education)

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    This 3 page paper provides a SWOT analysis regarding email, PowerPoint and videoconferencing. No bibliography.

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    for students. They can share information learned in the classroom and discuss assignments. * Email is also a good method to use when one misses a class. The student can  communicate with the teacher or other students in order to get information regarding the missed work. Weaknesses * Email is not done in real time as one may  experience with Instant Messaging or Text Messaging. Telephone communication is preferred for urgent messages, including class cancellations. * Email does have limitations. Students can better address issues with a phone  call or in-person meeting. Conversing with students through email has the drawback of miscommunication as emotions are difficult to express, even when using emoticons. Hence, misunderstandings may arise. * Email  is sometimes difficult to come by if one does not have a personal computer at home. Opportunities * A teacher has the opportunity to provide students with  a choice of communication methods, and one of those is email. If email replaces phone calls, the teacher may save a lot of time. * A teacher may instruct students  to use email to communicate for group projects. Teachers often worry that students will not put in enough effort in groups due to time constraints, but email provides the opportunity  for students to "meet" in an online environment. * A teacher can email the curriculum to students email addresses and send reminders of upcoming tests and paper due dates.  Threats * A power outage can threaten the use of email as a communication tool. * Socioeconomic status of students may make the use of email cost prohibitive. Students  should have computer access for a mass email method to work. * Telephones, including Text Messaging, are often better methods to use and threaten the viability or popularity of 

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