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    SWOT Analysis of Boots

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    This 5 page paper carries out a SWOT analysis on Boots the Chemist, looking at the strengths, weakness opportunities and threats that are faced by the company and the way in which they are responding. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    a SWOT analysis we can consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths The brand is very strong and has a high level of recognition. There is also a high  degree of association with the brand and healthcare products, not only medicines, but also health supplements, skin care and associated products (Kotler, 2003). This gives the company a good presence  in the market. However, this does not always lead to sales. For this we need to look at the strategy. With this reputation the company has been in a  strong position to develop its own brand goods. One of the most successful has been the Boots own brand sun care products. In this market Boots are third in terms  of supply, with LOreal in fist place and Beiersdorf in second place (Euromonitor, 2004). This place has been achieved against companies where there is distribution in many other major stores  and is achieved aided by the high level of trust that the brand has managed to engender in the consumer market. This is also reflected in the manufacture and  sale of many own brand medicines and toiletries. The company retail a range of generic medicines and have also undertaken related diversification with the development of an opticians division with  both stand alone stores as well as opticians branches in stores. Boots is also one of the companies that has managed to make a success of e-commerce with a  successful web site that is profitable, set up as a stand alone unit with goods sent out form a single central location. The way in which loyalty is created  is also a major strength with the use of a loyalty card. One point in favour of the boots advantage card, the name of the loyalty card has been in 

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