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    SWOT Analysis of Golden Circle LOL

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    This 6 page paper examines the position of the Golden Circle fruit juice drink LOL from a marketing perspective. The product and branding are examined using a SWOT framework to look at the strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

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    tasting drink (Golden Circle, 2012). A SWOT analysis may be used to examine the position of the product. Strengths LOL has a number of strengths. One of the main  strengths which has been developed is the strong brand image with positive associations for parents and the children. The brand image, which is relativity new, had been designed to appeal  to the younger generation, especially children and teenagers. The brand name, LOL refers to the term laugh out loud, a common acronym used in SMS texting which the target market  will be familiar with (Anonymous, 2012). The branding is also seen in the way that the different variants of the drink are named; B Currant, an apple and blackcurrant drink,  Tropkl made of apple, pineapple and passion fruit, Razz Bri made of apple and raspberry juice (Golden Circle, 2012). The names are designed to reflect the texting culture, along with  a smiley face emoticon, used when texting. This gives the brand a unique image that is relevant to the market they are targeting. This positioning is also supported by active  marketing using social networking media, such as Facebook. The product has the potential to appeal not only to the target market, but to buyers who facilitate the purchases. The  childrens market is one that is particularly difficult for marketers; the product has to appeal to the children who will be consuming it, but the purchase is complicated as it  will often be the parents that are purchasing it (Kotler and Keller. 2008). The advantage of the LOL product is the actual make up of the drink. Although the drink  is carbonated it does not have the negative connotations associated with many other carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks, which are very popular with children and teenagers, generally have a poor reputation 

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