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    SWOT Analysis of Shouldice Hospital Ltd

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    This 7 page paper performs a SWOT analysis, looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Canadian Shouldice Hospital. The analysis is based on operational and strategic issues. The paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    many other medical facilitates. Using a SWOT analysis we can look at the strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the operation. Strengths. This company has many strengths.  The business model used is very simple, a single operation is offered following a method that is more efficient that the methods seen in competing hospitals. The competitive advantage may  be seen in the way the operation is performed, simply, without requiring a general aesthetic, at a lower cost and with a faster recovery rate. It is also a method  that can be taught to all of the doctors that are employed and replicated internally easily. The model is a very  lean model. The key to the patient recovery is early ambulation which also leads to much lower operating costs, for example, with bed linen used only at night the laundry  bill is much lower than other hospitals, the movement of the patents as well as the business model with only a single low labour operation taking place also reduces the  staff costs. The employee input is maximised not only with the lean operation in terms of the efficient way patents are processed, but also in terms of the culture  where employees feel appreciated. They are paid more than the average wage, on top of these there are also financial bonuses based on profit sharing. This is the case  with both the doctors, nurses and other staff. This results in a low staff turnover and as such lower costs. The culture also benefits the patients, allowing them to treat  the hospital as if it were home, make friends with other patients and josh with the staff. They even attend reunions. The makes the place a pleasant hospital to work 

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