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    SWOT Analysis of a Primary School

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    This 6 page paper is a SWOT analysis of a fictitious primary school where there is the use of the process model of teaching. The paper assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before outlining some recommendations. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    social development. The way education is provided and managed needs to meet a set of goals, not only the goals for the required curriculum that are laid down by the  education boards, but to meet the needs of the students and the parents. The primary school, with a good level of resources, an s teaching approach that adopts the process  model and staff with additional skills indicates there are strengths and opportunities to build ion the resources. However, there are also weaknesses; the teaching model can be complex, and there  are always threats from other school overtaking its academic results. Leadership and management of any school will key to its success. By  looking at a primary school, and using a SWOT analysis the strategic position of the organisation. Strengths For a primary school a major strength will be if it  is popular with the students and the parents. To be popular with the students school needs to be enjoyable, social development needs to take place alongside learning and learning needs  to be fun. There are also other aspects of a good school. Children need to have boundaries, and the school needs to set out the boundaries for the children, making  it not only fun, but also giving the children a feeling of safety and security. To be popular with the parents there are two aspects; the children need to  be happy and the educational standards need to be perceived as high, educating their children in a fair and effective manner; duel goals that are also likely to lead to  job satisfaction for teachers and classroom assistants. The main strength of a school may be seen in the philosophy. There are two main approaches to teaching the first is 

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