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    This 5 page paper is a traditional SWOT analysis of MCI. BIbliography lists 5 sources.

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    fail. Today MCI is being acquired by Verizon, and faces an uncertain future. Strengths MCIs strengths include the fact that it is a  key industry player; it has made significant efforts to cut costs; it has great name recognition; it has continued to generate FCF; and a very diverse product mix. Even though  it has been through one of the most public bankruptcies in history, the company remains a "key industry player" (Datamonitor). It still holds a "30% share of the long  distance communications market ... operates in over 140 countries, over 2,800 cities and has over 4,500 Points of Presence" (Datamonitor). It also ahs "one of the most robust  set of converged communications services in the industry, including integrated voice, data and Internet services" (Datamonitor). MCI has made "considerable" effort to cut costs, including shutting down its wireless retail  business (Datamonitor). Because MCI is able to recognize weak performing areas, it can make suitable decisions as to whether it will shut these businesses down or help them turn  around and improve performance (Datamonitor). No matter which strategy they choose, they will rapidly improve their financial condition (Datamonitor). The company has very good name recognition and retains "goodwill,"  despite having been through bankruptcy, and its impossible to underestimate how important this intangible quality is. Despite the fact of the bankruptcy, MCI continued to generate "substantial free  cash flow" during that period (Datamonitor). "The groups monthly operating statements for July through to October show the group as generating revenue of $7.17 billion and EBITDA of $1.19  billion for this period ... (Datamonitor). Weaknesses MCIs weaknesses include zero stock value; the implications of the bankruptcy; massive write downs; weakness in its traditional business lines; and a 

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