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    This 5 page paper is a SWOT analysis of Verizon. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    spiral very quickly. Strengths Verizon is an outstanding performer, and counts among its strengths its name recognition, its position in key sectors; its strong financial performance; its  presence within the industry and its loyal customers. One of Verizons greatest strengths is its name recognition. Thanks to a clever advertising campaign ("Can you hear me now?") everyone  knows who Verizon is and its figures reflect that. Other strengths include the fact that it is the largest provider of both "wireline" and wireless communications in the U.S., with  approximately 140 million "access line equivalents and 37 million wireless customers" (Datamonitor). Verizon is the third largest long distance carrier, with 16.6 million lines; its also the leading local  phone company in the U.S. and the "worlds largest provider of print and online directory information" (Datamonitor). It publishes its directories in 48 states and has approximately 30% of  the market share (Datamonitor). It is extremely strong financially, and recorded revenues in 2003 of $67.8 billion (Datamonitor). In 2003, it was able to reduce its long-term debt to  $39 billion, which represents a 10.4% decrease from 2002; and it has "substantial free cash flows" (Datamonitor). In addition, it has a "massive presence" within the industry (Datamonitor).  Verizon "serves nine out of the top 10 U.S. markets and 67 out of the top 100"; its systems are found in over a third of the "Fortune 500  company headquarters"; and its the carrier of choice for one-third of the nations households (Datamonitor). Finally, it has a high customer satisfaction rating. It added "a net of 5  million customers in 2003," which increased its customer base by 15.5% (Seidenberg). Weaknesses Although Verizon is a strong performer, it does have weaknesses. These include weak performance in 

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