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    Salton Inc. Taking George Foreman Grills® To Australia

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    This is a 20 page paper that presents a business proposal to launch the George Foreman Grills® in the Australian market. Sections of the paper include: a beginning executive summary that includes the objectives, mission and key factors for success. An overview of Salton Inc.'s background (Salton makes the grills), which includes a brief timeline of major events; products and services offered by Salton Inc and a discussion of the Australian market; market analysis; strategy and implementation, including discussions of strategy, gaining a competitive edge, marketing strategy, positioning, distribution, sales forecasts and a potential partnership; logistics; an overview of the management plan for the Australian office; and a financial plan that includes a projected income statement and a projected cash flow statement. While some of the essay is hypothetical, the information regarding the company and the products as well as the market are factual. 2 Fiscal tables included. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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    always has been to provide the consumer with the best product and the best value for their dollar. The company does this through constant innovation, developing new products that make  life easier and by improving products already on the market. Keys to Success: There is one overriding key to the success of Salton - to meet the needs of the  consumer and to provide the exceptional customer service. Success is also achieved through providing value to the customer and by anticipating customers needs accurately and efficiently. This inherently means the  company must be able to adapt quickly as the needs of the consumer change. COMPANY BACKGROUND Salton Inc. markets a vast array of kitchen and personal care appliances under  numerous brand names (Hoovers, 2002; Salton, 2002). The company was established in 1831 with the brand name of Ingraham, a brand known for clocks and other time-related products (Salton, 2002).  A brief timeline of major activities will explain Salton, Inc. as it exists today: * 1926 - the first pop-up toaster was introduced under the brand name, Toastmaster (Salton, 2002).  * 1947 - the brand name of Salton was introduced to the consumer market (Salton, 2002). * 1988 - Salton Corporation founded (Salton, 2002). * 1991 - Salton goes public  and offers the IPO (Initial public offering) on the stock exchange (Salton, 2002). * 1993 - Salton acquires Breadman(r) and Juiceman(r) (Salton, 2002). * 1996 - Salton acquires Block China(r)  (Salton, 2002). * 1998 - Recapitalization of Salton completed in July (Salton, 2002). * 1999 - Salton completes he acquisition of Toastmaster (Salton, 2002). * 2000 - Salton completes acquisitions  of Sonex(r) International, Stiffel(r) lighting products, Relaxor(r), and begins acquisition of Pifco Holdings(r), PLC in the UK Salton also finalizes agreement as exclusive distributor of Welbilt(r) products (Salton, 2002). 

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