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    Same-Sex Marriage -- Issues and Case Law

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    This 5 page report discusses legislation and court decisions prohibiting or supporting same-sex marriages. Those who want to make their legal point in favor of the legality of same-sex marriages point to the fact that banning same-sex marriage is fundamentally discriminatory. Their opponents make their objections based on the belief that marriage is about procreation and that same-sex marriages would actually add to taxpayer burden since gay couples would be eligible for federal benefits and tax breaks. However, one of the strongest points made by those opposed to such unions is that one state court (or even several) should not dictate marriage laws for the entire nation. Various case law related to the issue are briefly examined -- Baehr vs. Lewin, Bowers v. Hardwick, Romer v. Evans, Loving v. Virginia, and Stan Baker et al. vs. State of Vermont. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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