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    Saudi Arabia; The Political System

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    This 7 page paper examines the political system in Saudi Arabia. The paper begins with consideration of the development and power of the absolute monarch. Other issues include legitimacy, succession, the emergence of opposition, including Al-Qaeda, bureaucracy and government structure, representation and the general political environment. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    a truly Islamic country with a monarchy that holds a monopolistic power over the country, which has developed this country into one of the worlds wealthiest nations. Saudi Arabia  is located in the Middle East, the country boarders the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea and is located North of Yemen. The current political system has its beginnings in  1902, when the now capital of Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, was captured by Abd Al-Aziz Bin Abd Al-Rahman Al Saud and under took a thirty year long campaign to unit the  Arabian Peninsula (CIA, 2004). A campaign, which we can see from the results, succeeded. The Al Saud family itself first came to power in the region in the eighteenth century,  but the events of 1902 that began the change which resulted in Saudi Arabia being established in 1932 after taking Hijaz which had been controlled by the Hashemite family (BBC,  2004). Under the newly united country and the founder took on the title of King, and being known as King Abd-al-Aziz (BBC, 2004). It is from the family name of  the country originates (CIA, 2004). Under this new rule the country became a monarchy and under the countrys basic law, the kingship must be handed down through the sons and  grandsons of the founders family. King Abd-al-Aziz died in 1953 and power has been held by various sons. Today the King is Fahd bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, a son  of the founder, who took the title in June 1982, but after suffering a series of stokes most of the political power is wielded by Crown Prince Abdullah, his  half brother since 1995 (BBC, 2004). If we look at this system there is not opposition in the country as the power is an absolute monarchy. The King also 

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