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    Schizophrenia and Weight Gain

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    An 8 page research paper that includes a sample abstract, in which the writer aids a student in writing a research utilization proposal that addresses the problem of weight gain among schizophrenic patient who gain weight to a side effect of psychoactive medication. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    an increased risk for developing metabolic syndrome and subsequent weight gain, which exposes these patients to negative outcomes, such as diabetes. Studies are summarized and a research utilization project is  proposed. Introduction Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that ranks among the "worlds top ten causes of long-term disability" (Muesser and McGurk, 2004, p. 2063). Its symptoms include "psychosis,  apathy and withdrawal, and cognitive impairment" (Muesser and McGurk, 2004, p. 2063). Schizophrenia has a profoundly negative effect on social and occupational functioning. It is imperative that schizophrenic patients adhere  to medication regimens, yet these psychoactive drugs can expose these patients to additional dangers. Generally speaking, patients with schizophrenia are between two and three times at greater risk for becoming  obese than the rest of the American adult population. (Weber, Colon and Nelson, 2008). This group of patients is also more prone to developing metabolic syndrome and anywhere from two  to four times more prone to developing diabetes. To complicate this situation still further, antipsychotic medication has been associated with "increased glucose metabolism, reports of ketoacidosis, new-onset diabetes mellitus and  abnormalities of insulin sensitivity" (Weber, Colon and Nelson, 2008, p. 353). Therefore, while antipsychotic medication is crucial to controlling schizophrenia, in many cases, the administration of required medication regimens often  exposes patients to new health risks by increasing their tendency to gain weight. Interventions that address the potential for weight gain among schizophrenic patients are important in order to avoid  these aforementioned negative outcomes and also in regards to patient compliance in adhering to prescribed medication regimens (Klein, et al, 2006). The Stetler Research Utilization Model provides a logical  framework for examining literature on this nursing problem. At this point, when writing an original paper from this research, the student should include details from her work experience. For example, 

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