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    School Children, Internet, and Computer Classes

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    In five pages this persuasive paper presents the argument that every American child should have access to classes on computers and the Internet. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    and well-trained teachers. We are working with the telecommunications industry, educators and parents to connect every classroom and every library in the entire United States by the year 2000"  (Leiken, 1996, p. 34). Great progress was made, and by 1997, at least 78 percent of all public secondary schools in America reportedly had Internet access, with that figure  predicted to be nearly 100 percent by the year 2000 (Outlook on Washington: A Capital View; Schools, Computers, and the Internet, 1998). The Internet superhighway has connected children from  all geographical parts of America, from urban inner cities to remote rural areas (Outlook on Washington: A Capital View; Schools, Computers, and the Internet, 1998). Incorporating computer classes and  the Internet into the educational curriculum has given all American students, regardless of economic status, an unprecedented access to knowledge they would not have otherwise. It is essential that  computer and Internet classes should be provided for every child in America because these are the necessary tools that will equip him or her for the technological challenges promised by  the twenty-first century. Lets face it, the digital age has arrived, and there is no turning back. Computers are everywhere - in the workplace, in libraries, and  in the home. According to a 1998 commercial survey, some 60 percent of American children have computer access by way of home personal computers (Outlook on Washington: A Capital  View; Schools, Computers, and the Internet, 1998). A computer is just a piece of furniture that takes up space unless a child learns how to properly use it, through  specialized training classes. Most computer and Internet classes are already being incorporated into K-12 curricula as course requirements, and the advantages have been impressive, to say the least. 

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