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    A 4 page research paper that discusses the processes involved in the scientific method and how this works in regards to empirical research and also how scientists decide on research design, that is, qualitative or quantitative methods. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    method should be considered a common component for rectifying this situation (McPherson, 2001). The following examination of the scientific method identifies the steps involved in empirical research and also how  scientists decide what design their research should follow. Basically, the "scientific method" is a means by which researchers can organize their thoughts and identify both research goals and potential  biases. Observation and description of natural phenomenon naturally leads to the initiation of scientific inquiry (McPherson, 2001). Observations are compared, patterns are sought and frequently scientists employ statistical tools to  facilitate the procedure of locating such patterns (McPherson, 2001). Once patterns have been identified, a hypothesis proposes a potential reason for this pattern, and this leads to formulating and testing  potential explanations for the observed patterns (McPherson, 2001). A point that is confusing for many people, including those in the scientific community, according to McPherson, pertain to the difference between  an hypothesis and a prediction (2001). A prediction is a statement that the researcher feels is likely to be factual. Most predictions can be evaluated through observation and do not  require application of the scientific method. For example, a prediction might be that there is no life on Mars. This prediction can be verified or refuted using observation and advanced  technology (McPherson, 2001). As this suggests, there are other legitimate forms of scientific investigation besides the classical framework for the scientific method. However, there is no denying that this framework  has its uses. The steps involved in the scientific method are listed as follows: 1. Define the problem. 2. Make a hypothesis. 3. Test the hypothesis. 4. Analyze  the results. 5. Draw conclusions (Weinburgh, 2003, p. 222). This list reflects the empiricist philosophy of science which holds that observations are "primary and laws and theories emerge as 

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