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    Self Identity and Nelson Mandela

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    In fourteen pages this paper discusses Nelson Mandela's autobiography and applies social sciences literature to an exploration of the connection between self and social identity. Seventeen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    entire life was essentially directed toward that end. Mandela involved himself in the political process from childhood and from there grew the roots of his dedication to politics and the  law. Mandela has always assured those whom will listen that the only successful path is one of non-violence and that maintaining integrity in that regard will bear great success  for his people. In many ways, Mandela was right. He has managed to promote a huge amount of change in that country and has managed to do  so peacefully. Even during the many years while he was jailed, he remained dedicated to self discipline and peace. It is interesting to note the manner in  which Mandela himself recounts his own life through his autobiography. In fact, Mandelas self-identity could be described as proud, self-assured, intelligent, introspective and strong, among others. His autobiography  indeed relays much in terms of informing the reader about pertinent issues while also divulging the man himself - his hopes, his dreams, his ideology, and the daily practices in  his life which are so indicative of his character. Nelson Mandela is an impressive man with a larger-than-life persona. This is ironic given his subdued nature and  quiet demeanor. And yet, this quiet, intelligent man has managed to accomplish great things in his life. He is known the world over for his convictions and dedication.  Mandela is the portrait of an inspired man. Methodology I chose to write about Nelson Mandela because prior to this research report I knew of him but was  not well-informed on the extent of his contributions to both South Africa and the world. I definitely had the desire to learn more about this great man. In choosing 

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