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    Sending Mangoes to Japan

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    This 12 page paper is a report considering the viability of the business sending mangoes to Japan from Australia. The paper considers the market for mangoes in Japan, and different aspects of the environment the impact on the proposal, including economic influences and other business environment variables. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    market as well as the macro environment conditions to asses if the market is accessible and attractive as well as viable. When make an assessment is important to aspects are  considered, as not only the market and the playing conditions will impact on the decision, it is only with a good understanding that the potential of the market can be  considered in terms of the opportunity cost of presents an organization (Nellis and Parker, 2006). In any organization there will be a limited amount of resources and not all potential  investments can be made, as such an organization is to not only identify viable markets, but identify the markets which it believes will bring them some of the best returns  (Mintzberg et al., 2008). When looking at the export market for mangoes from Australia, there are a large potential number of recipients. Australia benefits from the weather conditions needed for  growth, and have good logistics arrangements and relationships with a large number of international trading partners. Therefore, for a company that is growing mangoes in Australia there are a number  of choices which can be undertaken in terms of market expansion. A market that may be highly attractive in this region is that of Japan, a developed market, where it  appeared there is an increasing demand for mangoes at the current time. In order to assess this the first consideration will be the market itself within Japan, to determine whether  or not the mango market is viable, accessible and suitably attractive. Finally this macro environmental conditions of Japan will be considered in order to determine whether or not Japan itself  is a viable market. 2. The Market for Mangos in Japan Mangoes are a sweet fruit, in many markets it is highly desirable to this expensive nature, as well as 

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