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    Setting up a New Supermarket in the UK

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    This 28 page paper is a proposal to start a new supermarket in the UK to compete with Asda and Tesco. The paper consists of an introduction, a summary of the proposed company, it's just organizational structure and culture, and consideration of the way in which recruitment and selection will take place and how organizational change will be handled. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    2; Impact of the environment on structure 14 Figure 3 Organizational Structure 15 4. Organizational Culture 16 4.1 Concept of Culture 16 4.2 Proposed Culture 17 5 Recruitment and Selection 19 5.1 Vacancies 19 5.2 Selection Strategy 21 6. Organizational Change 25 Figure 4 Lewins Force  Fields for Change 25 7. Organizational Conflict 26 8. Conclusion 28 9. Reflection 29 Bibliography 30 1. Executive Summary The plan put forward in this paper is for the development of a supermarket chain, which  will initially start out as a regional chain of out-of-town supermarkets, but will expand into a national chain it is able to compete with the dominant company such as Tesco  and Asda. The company will compete on the basis of differentiation, offering a very pleasant shopping experience combined with convenience, including a wide range of grocery and household goods and  complementary services such as dry cleaning, caf?s, opticians and a travel agent all in the same location. Access will be easy with the locations chosen on main roads, and ample  parking will be provided. The company structure will be organized as a traditional bureaucratic hierarchy, but with a relatively flat structure, to facilitate ease of control in a traditional  business setting. The positions of CEO, CFO and human resource manager are able to be provided by the originating team, but before the businesses launched a marketing manager will need  to be recruited. The organization will seek to benefit from a positive corporate culture, embracing the human relations school of thought, developing strong employment relationships and providing for social as  well as economic needs. The utilization of performance related pay will help as a motivation for both employees and managers, but will be placed in terms of a reward an  additional factor rather than a usual aspect of payment, therefore it will not be seen as a way of cutting costs on the part of the employees. As the company 

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