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    In 4 pages the author discusses human sexual behavior and compares and contrasts three methods for studying human sexual behavior. 'Sexual behavior has been around since the beginning of time. The study of human sexual behavior, however, has only been done in the 20th century. During that time several methodologies have been used for the study of human sexual behavior.' Bibliography lists 3 sources. Sexual

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    Methods for sexual behavior study have their strengths and weaknesses. An example of a weak method of studying sexual behavior is the Kinsey  report. According to Harvey (1996), "But the fact is that not ten percent of the population is homosexual. That figure stems from the 1948 report by Alfred Kinsey,  Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. The study was profoundly flawed, as later psychologists studying sexual behavior have agreed. Kinseys subjects were drawn heavily from convicted criminals; 1400  of his 5300 final subjects (26%) were convicted sex offenders--a group which by definition is not representative of normal sexual practices" (Harvey, 1996, pp. 1).  Davis (1996) stated, "It is arguable the domination of our science by American psychology has resulted in an ethnocentric view of research findings, theories, and behaviors. As the discipline  struggles to recognize and accept its diversity, the need for cross-cultural research to substantiate or modify time-honored theories and research findings is apparent. Given the strong biological determinants of sex,  however, one might anticipate a limited number of cultural differences. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cultural, ethnic, and sex differences abound with regard to sexual attitudes, behaviors, and  their changes(Kelley & Byrne, 1992). For example, the importance of virginity at the time of marriage, once strongly endorsed by many Western cultures, has decreased dramatically in recent years.  Yet, sexual intercourse with a virgin is considered dangerous in Siberia and by the Kagaba of South America (Baron & Byrne, 1994). Moreover, sexual attitudes may differ significantly among  various ethnic groups within a multicultural society. For example, Hispanic American college students have more conservative sexual attitudes than college students of European descent" (Davis, 1996, pp. PG). 

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