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    Shift Work and Human Research Management: A Research Proposal

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    This 22 page paper provides an overview of the use of shiftwork and the problems related to it. This is a proposed study of an industrial population. Bibliography lists 22 sources.

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    of shift differentials for evening and night employment, shift work has its drawbacks. Even tough shift work can increase the earning potential of employees, alterations in sleep patterns caused  by shift work can impact work performance, workplace safety, methods of coping with stress and individual health. Though shift work is a necessary part of modern industry, the negative  impacts of shit work should not be understated. This research proposal identifies some of the central issues of shift work noted in the current literature. Subsequently, this study  assesses the views of workers regarding the use of shift work and the impacts on personal functioning in the workplace setting. The study outlined in this proposal will assess  factors like safety, lack of sleep, problems with physical functioning and the impacts on human resource management from a workers perspective. CHAPTER ONE Introduction Many different  types of business organizations use shift workers in order to meet their business and consumer needs. For example, customers in large mail order retailers like L.L. Bean of Freeport,  Maine, use shift workers in both their production plants and in phone sales, as a means of meeting the needs of an international consumer base. Hospitals, nursing homes and  other health care organizations commonly require the use of shift workers in order to provide the necessary care for patients around the clock. In each of these cases, the  businesses operate with very different needs and different business directives, but the underlying similarity is that both require shift workers. Problem Statement The decision to choose shift  work is one method by which employees enhance their personal earning potential. Many organizations offer shift differentials for employees who work evening or night shifts, based on the hardships 

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