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    Single Black Mom/2 kids

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    A 5 page research paper in which the writer assumes the 'voice' of an African American single mother of two boys, aged 12 and 5. The writer comments on this description given by the 'voice' of the mother as to what her life is like, citing relevant points from recent research. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    a day cause either way I jump, Im going to be called wrong by somebody. If I dont go to work cause my five year old son has a temperature,  I lose my job. Im not "dependable" and it all goes to show how irresponsible blacks are and all that. If I send him to kindergarten with a temperature,  the school system is just going to send him home and then Im a "bad" mother. The daycare wont take a child with a temperature either. What am I suppose  to do? Im working two jobs just to make ends meet. Thank goodness, I found one...where...dont you tell...the boss just sort of slips me some cash under the table like.  If the welfare people found out I was making as much as I am, Id lose all my benefits, and we need that money. According to Accordino (1998), research  has shown that tardiness or absenteeism by single mothers with children does not reflect irresponsibility. Rather this sort of behavior on the part of an employee has been shown to  have a positive correlation with available child care options, or rather the lack thereof (Accordino, 1998). This has been shown, particularly, to create a problem in regards to available options  that can cope with the needs of sick chidden (Accordino, 1998). I want to make something of myself. I really do. Ive been going to night classes at the  technical school. But to this, I have to arrange baby sitters for the boys, my oldest is 12, which is too young to babysit my youngest boy who just turned  5. My husband took off when I was pregnant with him and I havent heard from him in five years, much less received any help from him or any money. 

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