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    This 4 page paper is a traditional SWOT analysis of Sirius Satellite Radio. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    of satellite-based Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS)" (Bonsor, 2005). At the time only four companies applied for licenses to broadcast on that frequency, and in 1997 the FCC licensed  two of them: CD Radio (now Sirius Satellite Radio) and American Mobile Radio (now XM Satellite Radio). (Bonsor, 2005). Today, there are three satellite radio companies:  Sirius, XM and WorldSpace. This paper is a traditional SWOT analysis of Sirius Satellite Radio. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Sirius reports that its customer base is growing,  and that satisfaction is approximately 95% (Karmazin, 2005). Sirius has a strong appeal to drivers, who listen to the service nearly 80% of the time when theyre in their  cars (Karmazin, 2005). They have experienced "strong revenue growth" (an increase of 419%) which has enabled them to lower their prices; that in turn has pulled them nearly equal  with XM, which is leading the field (Karmazin, 2005). Sirius has 65 channels of commercial-free music programming; further, they claim their programming is the best available (Karmazin, 2005).  Their opinion is borne out by at least one reviewer, who found the playlist on Sirius so much better than XM that he put it in his own car (Dailey,  2004). This is a huge strength since most people are very concerned with having a variety of songs they like (Dailey, 2004). In addition, Sirius has sports channels  and has enticed shock jock Howard Stern to join their team (Karmazin, 2005). They have a roster of big names on board, and they have also teamed with major  auto manufacturers, including Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and BMW, all of whom offer Sirius installation as a factory option (Karmazin, 2005). They have approximately 50 such programs in place, which 

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