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    A 9 page paper consisting of speaker notes and text contents of an accompanying PowerPoint® presentation of a research proposal. The paper proposes investigating why attendance has declined at local matches of the Cheshire Football Club and includes a sample questionnaire as an appendix. Slide presentation available. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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    at Slide 7 to be visible. Slide 2 Introduction * Soccer commands interest worldwide * It  has millions of loyal fans * Fans generally support teams regardless of the course of their current seasons  * Despite popularity and fan support, many teams operate in financial difficulty Davies (2003) muses that gradual declines in attendance constitute  changes that need to be heeded, reminding readers that soccer very nearly died in the mid-1980s. "In 1986, crowds dropped to 16 million--from 41 million in the postwar years"  (Davies, 2003; p. 57). Of course there will be fluctuations depending on a variety of factors, and Davies (2003) notes that when "your  club is doing well, the cost is irrelevant, millionaire players get applauded" (p. 57), but when it is not doing so well those are the first topics that fans seem  to complain about the most. The sign worthy of causing worry is the evidence of rows of empty seats when most seats belong  to season ticket holders. Some clubs with long waiting lists for the opportunity to buy season tickets have had empty seats, which makes no difference to the club in  the current year but has the ability to greatly affect finances in the following year. Slide 3 Cheshire City Soccer * Club is  experiencing many of the same problems as other clubs - loyal fans and local popularity, yet declining business results * Gate receipts are 

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