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    Social Security Reform

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    This 4 page paper examines proposals by G.W. Bush in 2005 as well as the history of social security. Various points of view are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    In fact, George W. Bush did say that this problem "should be tackled now rather than later" (Hughes, 2005, 9). Bushs claim is that the participants of the program should  be allowed to have their own personal investment accounts but others say that these types of investments should only supplement social security (2005). Still others believe that there should be  an increase in taxes for those in upper-income brackets or that the age of retirement be raised (2005). Each of these suggestions, while at odds, have the same goals. That  is, the end result would be that the social security system, which is in trouble, would be better funded. It would have enough money to go around. Each suggestion is  a solution to the problem. The difficulty is which one to choose. Each of the plans go to ideology. Should someone be using the system as a safety net? Most  people do. In looking at the Social Security system and the reform of the program, it is helpful to explore its history. Why was this program that some equate with  socialism created in a capitalist system? Why has it become so important to the American people? While some type of social services existed before 1935, these were extremely minimal. Social  Services, as it is known in the United States, began during a bad economic period in American history. The "New Deal" was created to hopefully alleviate financial worries of the  general populace. The "New Deal" is actually a blanket term for the massive legislation that Franklin D. Roosevelt employed during his first two terms in office (Tuleja, 1994). The President  had taken drastic action in order to reverse the effects of the depression; he essentially quickly implemented banking, manufacturing and public works legislation (1994). Later on, Roosevelt created new regulations 

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